Connecting To Workplaces

The Connecting to Workplaces Project wanted to create exit demonstrations that learners could submit to an employer with their resume to show job readiness.  Ten entry-level jobs were selected and exit demonstrations were created for them.  Employers of these jobs were surveyed and asked to identify the top five essential skills that were most used at their workplace and the method of training used with new employees.  Practitioners were hired to create demonstrations that included the essential skills identified and the training methods used.  Demonstrations were reviewed by a committee of peers, piloted by learners and validated by employers.  Employers told the Network that completed demonstrations indicated that applicants were job ready for their workplace.   

These modules are available for completion on your own or in the classroom at the Elliot Lake Learning Center.  We can:

  • Assess your reading, writing and math skills to make sure you are ready to complete these modules

  • Provide upgrading prior to completing the modules to ensure your success

  • Provide computers to access the material and other resources

Material for the following jobs is now available:

  • Cashier

  • Chambermaid

  • Florist

  • Forestry Worker

  • Hunting/Fishing/Recreation Guide

  • Laundromat Operator

  • Pet Groomer

  • Security Officer

  • Taxi Driver

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